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At Tranquility Dental Wellness Center, our vision is to create a work environment with a progressive attitude that empowers our team to be self-governing leaders.

Woman on the Phone | Careers | Tranquility Dental Wellness CenterOur number one objective is for every member of our team to work consistently toward self-improvement and personal and professional growth. We foster a workplace that is fun and exciting and that brings each of us a sense of personal fulfillment, joy, and pride in our work. We strive to develop a positive, nurturing, and safe environment so that our workday is both comfortable and energized.

In our working relationships, we are committed to mutual respect, clear communication, and teamwork. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to “take the fear out of dentistry” by delivering the highest possible level of care in a unique, friendly, and comfortable environment. Through our team of professional, compassionate, and committed employees, we aim to guide our patients along a path of optimal dental health and improve patient health, appearance, self-confidence, and overall quality of life.

Our Vision

At Tranquility Dental Wellness, our Vision is to be an industry leader in both organizational culture and patient experience.

We envision a dental world where not only is the patient experience second to none, but the Tranquility team experience is even better.  Out culture is one of empowerment, engagement, innovation, self-governance, growth and personal development.  Every individual on our team is self-governing, possesses strong leadership qualities and has a zest for continuous learning.

Our employees are partners in the forward movement of our organization because everyone embodies all of our core values.  We work collectively and in sync with one another to have a profound and lasting implact on those we work with, care for, and those beyond our physical reach.


Do you feel like our Core Values match with yours? 

  • Mutual Accountability
  • Dedication
  • Abundance Mentality
  • Positivity
  • Team Player
  • Servant Leadership

What Career Path Options Are Open for You? 


The care our dentists provide is the lasting legacy of Tranquility Dental Wellness.  We know that we can provide an excellent patient experience, and we double down on that excellent experience with excellent clinical dentistry.  Experience in delivering high quality dentistry is appreciated, but by no means required.  If you have an ownership mindset, but don't want the financial or human resources headaches of practice ownership, we'd love to speak with you.  


You are the first face a new patient will encounter at our office. You will set the tone for every single new patient who enters our facilities (and our existing patients, too!). First impressions are lasting impressions, and it can’t be emphasized enough how important this is to our success.

You are kind, thoughtful, empathetic, and always eager to listen. You may have to juggle many tasks at once, so success in this position belongs to someone who can multi-task and think on their feet. You also understand and appreciate how important the look and feel of the office is to our patients, and you are always looking out for cleanliness and orderliness of the office.

Your number one job is setting the stage for creating the exceptional patient experience we offer. Holding the door, smiling, and shaking hands is not old fashioned… it’s our way of life at Tranquility!

New Patient Coordinator

You are the gateway to the practice!

New patients are the lifeblood of our practice, and you are the first member of our team they encounter. You embody a wonderful demeanor and amazing tone of voice, and you are very skilled at multi-tasking. It’s a fast-paced job involving answering the phones and properly scheduling patients, verifying insurance, confirming appointments, and managing our automated reminder protocol.

We don’t require specific experience for this position, so if you have a zest for learning, a great voice, and motivation, this could be the place for you!

Hygiene Coordinator

We employ the best hygienists in the world, so we need the best team member to aid in scheduling them.

You are detail oriented, can follow a schedule well, and understand the importance of a full and productive hygiene schedule. Today, people are busy and often forget to keep their hygiene appointments current, so you are their reminder. Your job includes regular inspection of the recare list, a great tone of voice for phone call reminders and confirmations, and an ability to identify areas where we may need to grow or change our process to continue to make sure our patients are coming on time.

A team-player attitude is an absolute necessity for this job, as you may be required to assist in other areas of the office.

Treatment Coordinator

You are an integral part of helping patients achieve their oral health goals!

You are empathetic, quick thinking, well-spoken, and trustworthy. You understand the doctor’s treatment philosophy and the reason for the recommendations are being made and you can relay that to a patient effectively. You are non-judgmental and understand that treatment can sometimes be costly, but it’s always in the best interest of the patient to find a way to afford getting the care they need. You always have your eye on the schedule and know when and how to schedule efficiently and understand the importance of keeping a daily schedule full and productive. You have a mind for numbers and fully comprehend how impactful a schedule is on the success of the business and how that translates to a successful team.

Insurance Specialist

At Tranquility, we are a participating provider for many insurance companies. You are a very important piece of the puzzle when it comes to creating an exceptional patient experience.

Patients are often misguided about how their insurance works and what it covers. You have a full understanding of insurances, the benefits, limitations, and breakdowns, and you can effectively communicate with patients about these things. You also have a great mind for detail and are diligent when examining benefits, entering them into our database, and giving patients estimations of coverage. You fully grasp how imperative the understanding of insurance is to treatment acceptance, collections, and its impact on the success of the company and the team.

Accounts Receivable Specialist

Do you love numbers and details? Then this is your area!

You are excellent with organization, tracking, and getting invoices and claims submitted and paid. You are responsible for efficient submission of insurance claims, collecting on our in-house financing plans, sending statements, and following our systems and protocols for our financial policies. You can scour aging reports and keep insurance claims from remaining unpaid, review daily reports from all locations to ensure all payments are properly reported and matching bank transactions, and utilize our protocol for collecting from patients.

You oversee all the offices, ensuring all proper protocols are followed and consistent in the realm of patient billing and insurance submissions.

Dental Assistants

Tranquility assistants are efficient, talented, multi-tasking ninjas!

Your job is exciting and dynamic and changes day to day based on the schedule, but the one constant necessity is your positive attitude and ability to be flexible. Your job requires precision and excellence to deliver the top-notch, handcrafted care we promise our patients.

We expect full completion of all the job duties assigned to you, including setting up and taking down operatories, setting up properly for procedures, assisting the doctor or hygienist with ease, charting treatment, note taking, ordering supplies, creating excellent provisional restorations, and being a team player and helping out in any other area of the office, as needed.

At Tranquility, we employ sterilization technicians, hygiene assistants, doctor assistants, and expanded function assistants. We are always looking for people with the right attitude and zest for advancing themselves and will consider those candidates without dental experience and train them to flourish in this career!


Tranquility hygienists are the BEST in the business! Your compassionate attitude and ability to listen and empathize with the patients is your best attribute.

Your role requires confidence and the ability to work closely with the doctors in providing handcrafted care to our family of patients. Being an efficient team player and assisting in every area of the office is imperative. The full completion of your job duties is a lynchpin in our mutual success.

Chief Experience Officer

If you love people, love culture and core values, and love empowering your peers, then this is the place for you.

You are the one responsible for making sure our patients are receiving the exceptional patient experience we are promising, 100% of the time. And even more importantly, you are the person overseeing the team and making sure that our company culture and core values are being lived out every single day.

You are a great mentor and leader and can help identify a team member’s struggles and aid in moving them forward. You are also great at recognizing their success and celebrating and appreciating all of the team members' accomplishments and contributions. Throw a bit of logistics in with team scheduling, metrics tracking, and marketing for your office, and you are the CXO!


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