Tranquility Dental Wellness
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Welcome to Tranquility Dental Wellness Center!

Tranquility Dental Wellness Center Tacoma5005 Main St, Suite 107, Tacoma, WA98407
  • Your dental office at Point Ruston - Tranquility Dental Wellness!
  • Located in the Copperline Building at Point Ruston!
  • Relax by the Fire Before Your Appointment
  • The Relaxation Room Was Built Specifically With Patient Comfort In Mind.
  • Feel free to spend as much time relaxing as you wish! (Just do it after your appointment)
  • Our treatment suites are outfitted with the latest technology and contemporary décor.
  • Welcome to your new dental home!
  • Enjoy coffee, tea or water at our refreshment station.
  • Health • Function • Beauty
  • A variety of aromatherapy essential oils are available during your treatment.
  • All Comfort Menu amenities are complimentary and indulgent!
  • Our comfortable and contemporary décor will put anybody at ease!
  • Our paraffin hand wax station as well as Tranquility-Endorsed oral hygiene products.
  • Welcome!