Crowns and Bridges in Lacey, Tacoma, and Tumwater

Smiling Couple | Crowns and Bridges | Tranquility Dental Wellness CenterMissing and damaged teeth can cause significant problems. Not only do they mar the appearance of your smile, but they can also cause you to avoid eating the fresh, natural foods you need to stay healthy. Plus, they can be quite painful!

At Tranquility Dental Wellness Center, we offer a number of treatments to help restore the comfort, function, and beauty of your smile. Because we recognize that the appearance of your smile is such a key part of your identity, we take great care to offer high-quality, natural-looking restorations that enhance your smile’s beauty rather than detract from it.

What Is a Dental Crown?

Dental crowns have been used for decades to protect, preserve, and conceal damaged teeth. In the past, crowns have been made using various metals, but today we make our crowns from beautiful, durable porcelain.

Crowns are sometimes referred to as “caps,” and this is because they fit right over the top of a prepared natural tooth, just like a hat. In fact, a crown is more like a football helmet than a hat because they are designed to cushion and protect your teeth, absorbing the force from chewing.

We might recommend a crown for teeth that are:

  • Cracked or fractured
  • Broken tooth
  • Stained tooth
  • Unusually shaped
  • Worn down tooth
  • Weakened by root canal therapy

Crowns are also a component of dental bridges.

Couple Smiling | Crowns and Bridges | Tranquility Dental Wellness CenterWhat Is a Dental Bridge?

Bridges are a connected series of crowns that are used to fill in the spaces left by missing teeth.  

One type of crown fits into the gap to replace the tooth itself. This crown is held securely in place by additional crowns affixed to the adjacent healthy teeth. The entire unit helps create a seamless appearance in your smile and prevents other teeth from drifting into the gap and altering the alignment of your bite.

How Are Crowns and Bridges Placed?

The first step in placing a crown or bridge is to prepare the tooth or teeth that will be receiving the crown or holding the bridge in place. Any damaged tooth structure will be removed, and the tooth will be shaped so that the crown fits over the top and sits evenly among your other teeth.

Next, we’ll take an impression of the prepared tooth or teeth. This, along with our specific instructions and photographs, will be sent to a trusted laboratory. Your completed restoration will arrive at our office in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, we’ll place a temporary crown or bridge to protect the prepared teeth.

At your next appointment, we’ll remove the temporary restoration and try out your new crown or bridge to check the appearance and fit. Once both you and your dentist are both happy, we’ll bond your new restoration in place and you’ll leave our office with a beautiful, functional, complete smile!

Call for a Dental Exam

If you are concerned about the integrity, comfort, or appearance of any of your teeth, please don’t hesitate to call our practice. With dental office locations in Tacoma, Lacey, and Tumwater, we’re convenient for just about everyone in the South Sound!

We’ll listen carefully to your concerns and your goals and help you make decisions about treatment that are right for your individual needs. We can’t wait to meet you.