Extractions in Lacey, Tacoma, and Tumwater

Smiling Man | Dental Extractions | Tranquility Dental Wellness CenterNobody likes to think about having a tooth removed. Unfortunately, however, sometimes an extraction is necessary to protect the health of your other teeth.

If you do need an extraction, you deserve to have it done in a stress-free manner by providers who make your comfort and safety top priorities.

This is what you’ll find at Tranquility Dental Wellness Center. We have locations in Tacoma, Lacey, and Tumwater to make it easy to serve our South Sound community.

Why Do I Need an Extraction?

An extraction can become necessary for a variety of reasons. If you have broken your tooth in such a way that it can’t be saved with a crown, your tooth is severely infected, or root canal treatment has failed, we may recommend extraction. Sometimes wisdom teeth don’t come in correctly and need to be extracted to protect your other teeth.

Extraction is occasionally also required to prepare for orthodontics or complete dentures.

We will always discuss all your options with you and make the recommendation we feel is right for your long-term health.

Extractions at Tranquility Dental Wellness Center

One of our key values here at Tranquility Dental Wellness Center is taking the time to get to know each patient on a personal level. We know that you are so much more than just a set of teeth – and that’s exactly how we treat you.

Most people don’t consider a trip to the dentist to be the best part of their day – especially when they need a potentially worrisome procedure like a root canal or an extraction. We want to provide you with peace of mind that you are in a safe place among people who genuinely care about your well-being.

Our practice isn’t like any dental office you’ve ever seen. From the moment you enter our doors, you will be enveloped by our spa-like setting and the careful attention we’ve paid to ensuring your comfort.

You might think that a relaxing setting and high-quality care like we provide is out of your reach, but we want to reassure you that it actually isn’t! We are proud to offer luxury at an affordable price to our community. We are PPO providers for 10 different insurance providers, and we don’t hike up our prices to offer our special amenities. Every comfort we offer is available for free to every single one of our patients. You’ll be far less concerned about your extraction when you are enjoying aromatherapy and a paraffin wax hand treatment!

Man Smiling | Dental Extractions | Tranquility Dental Wellness CenterExtraction After-Care

We will provide you with detailed instructions to make sure that you heal properly following your extraction. The mouth heals remarkably fast, and most patients are feeling much better by the very next day.

You can prepare for your extraction by planning soft foods for the next day or so. Cool soups, smoothies, mashed potatoes, and eggs are all excellent choices.

If you smoke, please let us know. Smoking cigarettes should be avoided while you are healing. The nicotine restricts blood flow in the gums, which slows down the healing process, and the suction action can lead to an uncomfortable complication, which we want you to avoid. Drinking through a straw can also make healing more difficult.

Your dentist will provide you with contact information so you can reach out if you have any concerns or questions, and we’ll check on you periodically to make sure that everything is going well.

Call for a Consultation

Do you have a tooth that is causing you pain? Have you been told that you might need an extraction?

Please call our practice today to find out more about your options. We are here to help you have a healthy smile.