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We are proud to offer an array of advanced technology to help us provide state-of-the-art care. Read on to learn a bit more about some of the ways we've incorporated modern, high-tech equipment into our practice so that you can have the best experience possible. 

3-D Cone Beam

Most x-rays produce a two-dimensional image. Not the 3-D cone beam! This advanced option circles around your head to produce a three-dimensional model of your facial structure that is invaluable for evaluating your jaw health for dental implant placement and planning treatment. It can also provide us with useful information if we need to make a diagnosis and identify potential issues with facial structures like your sinuses. 

The imaging procedure is quick and painless, and we'll be able to share the image with you on a chairside monitor to better explain our recommendations.

Digital X-Rays

X-rays have long been one of the most valuable diagnostic tools available for dentists. Using x-rays, we can identify cavities, infections, damage, and all manner of common conditions. X-rays are also useful for evaluating dental development in children so that we can make sure that everything is going as it should and plan for any issues that might be coming up before they ever become a problem. X-rays are a key component of our preventive treatment programs, and your doctor will review with you how often they should be updated. 

Patient safety is a vital concern of ours, which is why we only use digital x-rays at our Lacey, Tacoma, and Tumwater dental practices. These x-rays emit up to 80% less radiation than conventional dental x-rays. Plus, they don't require any chemicals for development and can be stored directly in your electronic chart, making digital x-rays a better choice for the environment. Because they can be displayed on a chairside monitor and we can zoom in and highlight areas of the image, they are also a helpful patient education tool since we can easily show you any concerns or discuss your child's development with you.

Laser Dentistry

Comfortable, gentle dentistry is our mission, and dental lasers are a natural complement to this! Lasers allow us to perform a range of treatments with greater comfort and faster healing times than ever before. Whether we are treating periodontal disease, removing excess gum tissue to sculpt a more attractive smile, or helping to heal a painful canker sore, lasers reduce any possibility of bleeding and allow for incredibly precise treatment so we can preserve your healthy tissue. 

Nitrous Oxide

We recognize the pervasiveness of dental anxiety and how challenging it can make regular dental care – even in a spa-like setting! That's why we offer nitrous oxide. 

This colorless sedative gas, which is even safe enough for children to use, is often referred to as "laughing gas." Don't worry, though. Despite its nickname, nitrous oxide won't make you laugh uncontrollably! What it will do, however, is reduce anxiety and help you to feel calm and relaxed during your treatment. It also dulls sensations, which can make it useful for people who find cleanings to be uncomfortable. 

If we are planning treatment and you are feeling anxious, please talk to us about the option of using nitrous oxide during your procedure. 

Television in Rooms

We take great care to keep our treatment rooms from looking like the clinical "operatories" that you find in other practices. In addition to our soothing aromatherapy, our comfortable chairs, and our soothing spa treatments, you'll also find a television and sound-cancelling headphones in every treatment room. This allows our patients to kick back, relax, and enjoy a favorite movie or catch up on a TV show while we take care of you. 

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