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At Tranquility Dental Wellness Center, you are our highest priority. We listen carefully to your needs so we can provide you with the care you need on your timeframe at an affordable price. Everyone deserves to be pampered, and we’ve transformed dental care from a chore to an anticipated relaxation experience.

Come see what makes us different.

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Take a moment of soothing quiet time in our relaxation room while you enjoy a cup of tea or water. Lean back into our heated, massaging chairs, and inhale deeply as your favorite music comes through your headphones and soothing aromatherapy scents fill the room.

You’ve never experienced a dental appointment like this before.

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We are dedicated to providing you and your family with exceptional dental care that fits your needs in a relaxing setting that calms and soothes your mind and senses.
Patient Testimonials
  • Tranquility Dental Wellness | Quotes
    As usual my visit with Tranquility Dental Wellness was relaxing even though I thought I might need a filling (or two!). Visits are like going to a friend's house: quiet yet welcoming!
    Katherine E.
    Tranquility Dental Wellness | Quotes
    Super savvy dentist, from the lovely spa menu and fabulous products to the gentle, thorough individuals, Tranquility has taken dentistry to a new space age.
    Olivia F.
  • Tranquility Dental Wellness | Quotes
    I love the relaxing atmosphere. They took their time and it didn't feel like i was just another number they had to get through the door. Also LOVED the complementary hand dip and things like that.
    Katie D.
    Tranquility Dental Wellness | Quotes
    I always have great confidence in Dr. Cockrell's skill. I do want to mention that it was my first experience having Petra as an assistant and I was really impressed with her professional, yet warm manner.
    Wendy E.
  • Tranquility Dental Wellness | Quotes
    I had a really great experience with everyone. I am a nervous dental patient and the staff went at my pace and they made me feel comfortable. Beautiful new clinic.
    Carol C.
    Tranquility Dental Wellness | Quotes
    The staff are very cheerful and friendly, and go out of their way to welcome you and put you at ease. As the client, your preferences and needs are incorporated into your plan of care.
    Pamela P.


Orthodontic Options for the 30+ Crowd

If you didn’t have braces as a teenager, you might think it’s too late to straighten your misaligned teeth. After all, you can’t imagine yourself in most professional or social situations with a mouth full of metal. Perhaps you have resigned yourself to feeling self-conscious about your smile.The good news is that with cosmetic dentistry at our Lacey, WA area practice, adults can obtain a beautiful, straight, white smile with or without orthodontics.Invisalign Invisible BracesInvisalign offers an excellent option to fix several orthodontic issues, and it’s ideal for adults. Using a series of clear plastic aligners rather than brackets and wires, Invisalign is practically invisible so most people will ...

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Planning Your Child's First Dental Appointment? Let's Get Excited!

child and parent brushing teeth | Tacoma WA Children's dentist
There are many milestones in a child’s life and visiting the dentist for the first time is one of them. We recommend seeing your child for the first time as soon as their first tooth erupts. The earlier a child sees the dentist, the more likely they are to take good care of their oral health for the rest of their lives.If you are looking for caring, compassionate children’s dentistry in Tacoma, WA, look no further than Tranquility Wellness Dental. We love treating kids, and we are experienced in making sure their time with us is as enjoyable as possible. We want nothing more than to make them excited about ...

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Sticky, Chewy, Crunchy - How to Keep Your Crowns Safe When These Are Your Favorite Treats

Dental Crowns | Tumwater WA Dentist
When you have had a tooth restored with a dental crown, whether to protect a molar that once had a very large filling or to strengthen a tooth after a root canal, you want to do everything to ensure your crown is long lasting. Although dental crowns won’t last forever, they can last a good number of years—even decades—if you treat them right.After you get your dental crown, ask your Tumwater, WA professional team at Tranquility Dental Wellness how to best take care of your crown. Also, read our tips below.Foods You Should Avoid After Getting a Dental CrownIt’s particularly important to avoid anything that is sticky, chewy, or crunchy ...

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4 Tips for Avoiding Dry Socket

Woman with Tooth Pain | Tranquility Dental Wellness Center
If you are facing having a tooth removed, you might have been warned about a condition known as “dry socket.” This refers to the blood clot that develops over the extraction site, which protects the site and promotes healing. If the clot is dislodged, this can delay healing.There are steps Lacey WA patients can take after dental extractions to ensure they do not suffer from this painful condition.Tips for Preventing Dry SocketDry socket usually only happens when something occurs that dislodges the clot. You can avoid this condition by following these steps.#1—Don’t Use a StrawThe sucking motion when using a straw can dislodge your blood clot, so avoid straws for at ...

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How to Find the Right Dentist in Lacey, WA

Woman Visiting the Dentist | Tranquility Dental Wellness Center
When you are seeking general dentistry in Lacey, WA, the last thing you want to do is wait until you have a dental emergency. Doing a bit of legwork ahead of time can ensure you and your family become established with the right dentist.The best place to start is by asking family, friends, and colleagues about their favorite dentist. Ask about treatment options, waiting times, staff friendliness, and chairside manner to whittle down the suggestions.Here are several other items to consider:Location and HoursIf a dentist is conveniently located to home, work, or school, it’s easier to schedule visits—and you are much more likely to plan them in the first place. ...

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3 Ways You Can Set a Good Example for Others' Good Oral Health

Family Smiling | Tranquility Dental Wellness Center
Did you know that your dentist isn’t the only one who influences your oral health? It turns out that friends and family can also have as much of an impact. This can be good news when it comes to preventive dentistry in Tacoma, WA—particularly if you are trying to set an example for your own family.The StudyResearch presented at an American Association for the Advancement of Science showed that something called “motivational interviewing,” which is usually conducted by the dentist was quite effective—if only for a limited amount of time. Motivational interviewing is generally a discussion with your dentist about why it’s so important to take care of your ...

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Turning Your Child's Dental Visit into a Pampering Experience

Child's Dental Exam | Tranquility Dental Wellness Center
Many people experience anxiety when they have to visit the dentist. For some, it stems from a bad experience they might have had with the dentist when they were children. The sterile, old-fashioned dentist offices of the past, however, are nothing like the environment you’ll find at Tranquility Dental Wellness.From general dentistry to children’s dentistry, our Lacy, Olympia, and Tacoma, WA dental offices are designed with your comfort in mind. We want going to the dentist to be as pleasant an experience as possible for your entire family, including your children.Your Child’s Visit to the Dentist Should Be an Enjoyable ExperienceBecause we know that kids who go the dentist regularly ...

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Community Participation
We are proud to be a part of the beautiful and unique South Sound, and we enjoy taking the time to help make the area a better place to live, work, and play! Learn about all the ways we contribute to our communities!
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