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Good Teeth Habits Begin Early

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Teeth can be fascinating the more you know about them. For example, enamel is the hardest substance in the human body. Yet, despite its tough nature, enamel needs a lot of help to keep this title. Our teeth need our help to look good and be strong, starting with daily habits you can teach your children. 

Talk to your children’s dentistry staff in Lacey, WA for more tips on daily habits your child can start young.

Chewing Ice (or Pencils, Pens, and More)

It’s an involuntary habit to chew on something when deep in thought. Many adults still chew on their ice, or chomp down on hard candies, or gnaw on their pens. It’s a habit you can try to nip in the bud for the children in your life. 

Not only is it unseemly and unhygienic, chewing something hard can risk your teeth to damage and further weaken them. Chewing on ice is a big factor for chipped, fractured teeth. This is a bad habit that can stick with someone for the rest of their life.

Stop Nail Biting

This is a common habit that afflicts many children and adults alike. Nail biting can cause wear and tear to your enamel, and teeth chipping. Breaking this habit young can prevent future dental damage, especially if your children require braces later on. Because of the pressure braces put on your teeth, nail biting is a risk for tooth resorption (loss of tooth structure at the roots) or even tooth loss. It’s easier to stop this habit from forming than breaking it during times of stress.

Using Your Teeth in Non-Traditional Ways

It is so convenient to use your teeth if you want to open a package and you can’t find scissors. Teeth have stress points and shouldn’t be used as tools! It’s sobering how a broken or fractured tooth can affect your life, so preventative measures are super important.

Your teeth are amazing so treat them with care. Our children’s dentist in Lacey, WA has many tips and strategies for starting and maintaining good dental habits young. Bring your children to Tranquility Dental Wellness for more information on good oral habits. 

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