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What You Need to Know about Kids and Tooth Decay

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If you have kids, you are probably keenly aware that getting them to brush their teeth can be a challenge. Often if they are brushing regularly, they aren’t doing a very thorough job of it. For these reasons, it’s crucial that your children come to the dentist twice each year for examinations as well as cleanings (for those kids who are old enough). Tooth decay is common in children, particularly in those areas they are not brushing well.

At Tranquility Dental Wellness, your children’s dentist in Tumwater, WA, we like to see kids as soon as their first teeth erupt. It’s a good way to establish good habits regarding their oral health.

Tooth Decay in Kids

Cavities happen because of bacteria in the mouth that forms a sticky film called plaque. This substance adheres to the surface of the teeth and can cause decay.

Many people question why it’s important to take care of a cavity that forms on a baby tooth since the tooth will be lost eventually anyway. But leaving a cavity untreated can cause problems. The decay will continue to grow, and bacteria might reach the innermost part of the tooth and cause an infection. In rare cases, that infection can spread throughout the body and even into the brain.

In addition, although baby teeth will eventually come out to be replaced with adult teeth, the presence of baby teeth is an important part of ensuring the adult teeth grow in properly. It’s necessary to take good care of them.

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