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Sticky, Chewy, Crunchy - How to Keep Your Crowns Safe When These Are Your Favorite Treats

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When you have had a tooth restored with a dental crown, whether to protect a molar that once had a very large filling or to strengthen a tooth after a root canal, you want to do everything to ensure your crown is long lasting. Although dental crowns won’t last forever, they can last a good number of years—even decades—if you treat them right.

After you get your dental crown, ask your Tumwater, WA professional team at Tranquility Dental Wellness how to best take care of your crown. Also, read our tips below.

Foods You Should Avoid After Getting a Dental Crown

It’s particularly important to avoid anything that is sticky, chewy, or crunchy in the days following your dental crown procedure. That is when your crown is most vulnerable because it is so new. Watch out for:

  • Nuts. Although they are healthy and high in protein and good fats, chewing on a nut can easily damage a new crown. Wait until your crown is well set before attempting to eat nuts. And even then, be careful!
  • Crunchy vegetables. Avoid this initially, but after a few days, you enjoy your favorite crunchy vegetables.
  • Sticky foods. Foods that are sticky are usually high in sugar content, so you should avoid them whether you have a crown or not. Keep in mind that sticky foods can actually stick to your crown and loosen it.
  • Gum. Don’t chew gum immediately after getting a crown. Even when the crown is well set in your mouth, you should be careful about chewing gum as it can get stuck to your crown.
  • Popcorn. Everyone loves popcorn—especially at the movies—but this popular snack can easily get stuck between your teeth—or below your crown.
  • Ice. Never chew ice; it’s tough on our teeth as well as any restorative dental work you might have.
  • Steak. There is nothing like a juicy steak right off the grill but stay away from this source of protein for a few days after getting your crown.

Caring for Your Crown

In addition to taking care not to eat anything too sticky, chewy, or crunchy, be sure to take good care of your crown by brushing and flossing regularly. Regular visits to the dentist can also ensure that your crown is solid and not going anywhere.

For more information about dental crowns in Tumwater, WA or to book an appointment, please contact Tranquility Dental Wellness to ensure your good oral health!

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