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Wondering Why We Recommended a Crown?

dental crown lacey wa

Dental crowns are permanent coverings that fit over a tooth that has been prepared to receive it. They are sometimes referred to as tooth caps. If you were told you need dental crowns at your last appointment in our Lacey, WA office, you are probably wondering why.

There are several different reasons Dr. Lori Noga might recommend a dental crown.

To Repair a Tooth that Had a Very Large Filling

One of the most common reasons people get a dental crown is to repair a tooth that has a very large—and usually very old—filling. As the filling ages, it simply cannot protect the tooth anymore. Because of its size, replacing the filling is usually not possible. A dental crown will strengthen the remaining tooth structure.

To Save a Tooth that Has Extensive Decay

When there is so much decay in a tooth that a filling cannot offer enough protection, a crown is a better option. Fillings work well for sealing teeth, but they do not prevent teeth from crumbling or breaking—especially in the back molars where there is so much force from chewing.

To Protect a Tooth that Had a Root Canal

Because the root canal procedure removes the pulp of the tooth, the remaining structure becomes brittle. Covering it with a crown will strengthen it and give you back full function of your tooth.

To Repair a Tooth that Is Misshapen or Damaged

A crown will cover up an oddly shaped tooth or repair a tooth that might be damaged. Sometimes chewing or grinding can damage a tooth, and a crown will protect it from any more trauma.

The bottom line is that dental crowns provide a way to save a tooth that might otherwise be compromised. Don’t hesitate to ask your Lacey, WA dentist, Dr. Noga, any questions you might have about dental crowns!


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