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4 Reasons You May Need a Dental Extraction

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At Tranquility Dental Wellness, dental extractions are usually the last resort, but there are times when dental extractions are the best option or simply make sense.

Sometimes, in fact, we recommend extractions for cosmetic purposes or leading into a cosmetic procedure.  

Let’s look at three reasons you may need a dental extraction in our Lacey, WA dental office.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth Encroaching

Wisdom teeth come in years after your adult teeth. They serve no purpose, and they can even interfere with your oral health.

When wisdom teeth fail to erupt properly due to overcrowding, extracting these teeth is the best option. Without extractions, wisdom teeth can encroach on surrounding teeth, which can lead to pain or bite misalignment.

Severe Tooth Decay or Damage

Sometimes a tooth is simply too decayed or damaged to remain viable. When this happens, our dentist may recommend a dental extraction.

Dental Trauma

Often, following a dental trauma, we can save a tooth that has been knocked out with timely intervention. However, when time is not on your side, we may have to extract a tooth that has been damaged due to trauma.

Preparation for a Cosmetic Procedure or a Small Jaw

Sometimes our dentist recommends an extraction to better complete a cosmetic procedure or if your jaw is simply too small to accommodate all your teeth, which results in overlapping or crooked teeth.

Examples include preparation for orthodontic work, or when a dental implant will better serve your bite or due to bone loss.

Contact Our Dental Office

At Tranquility Dental Wellness, we understand that dental extractions can be scary, but our compassionate team will keep you relaxed and comfortable throughout the extraction process.

If you notice wisdom teeth coming in or suffer from severe tooth decay, contact our Lacey, WA dental office today. We are also available to answer any questions you may have.

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