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How to Prep Your Pantry for Your Dental Extraction

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You can count on your dentist to do everything possible to save a tooth, but in some cases, extraction is the best option for protecting your oral health. If you are facing an extraction, you are probably wondering not only after self-care after the procedure but what you will be able to eat. With a little pantry (and refrigerator!) preparation, you can ensure you are consuming healthy foods that will promote healing.

At our Lacey, WA practice, we make the following recommendations to patients facing dental extractions.

Nutritious Foods to Eat After Extraction

Soups and broths—Keep simple soups such as tomato or pumpkin and nutrient-packed bone broth on hand after your extraction. Not only are they tasty and satisfying, but they are loaded with vitamins and minerals. They can also help keep you hydrated. Make sure soups are lukewarm, especially in the days immediately after your extraction, as it’s best to avoid hot liquids.

Greek yogurt—This high-protein food will be easy for you to eat after your extraction. Protein is believed to help in the recovery process. Its creamy texture might actually be soothing.

Mashed potatoes—If you have ever needed an excuse to enjoy your carbs, this is the time. Mashed potatoes are comfort food in the best of times, and you can enjoy it guilt-free while you are recovering. There are plenty of nutrients—and carbohydrates—in potatoes, which is particularly helpful if you find you don’t have much of an appetite.

Scrambled eggs—Often touted as one of the most “perfect” foods, eggs are high in protein and vitamins and minerals. Seek out omega-3 enriched eggs for your recovery. These tend to have more good fats, which can help with wound recovery.

Applesauce—Obviously you won’t be eating a crunchy apple after having a tooth pulled, but applesauce is a great alternative. Be sure to buy the kind that is all-natural and contains no added sugar.

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