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3 Reasons Why Root Canals Are Necessary and Valuable Procedures

Root Canal Treatment | Lacey WA

For many people, the mere words “you need a root canal” are enough to set off a feeling of panic. This does not need to be the case. This much maligned dental procedure is often necessary and has a lot of value. As far as how painful it is—with today’s modern dentistry, it’s really no worse than getting your run-of-the-mill filling.

Don’t be panicked by the thought of root canals at your Lacey, WA dentist. Be grateful instead—and here’s why:

#1—A Root Canal Relieves Your Pain

Many times when people go to the dentist for a toothache, it is because there is an infection deep within the root of the tooth. The pain can be excruciating—and is actually far worse than the root canal procedure itself.

During the procedure, the area around the infected tooth will be numbed so you won’t feel a thing. Afterward, you’ll feel relief because you will no longer have a painful toothache!

#2—A Root Canal Saves Your Tooth

If you let a tooth infection go and do not seek treatment, chances are you will eventually lose that tooth. The infection can spread to other teeth in your mouth, and you stand the risk of losing them as well.

A root canal will preserve your tooth because your dentist will remove the infected tooth pulp, then fill the tooth and seal it. With the infection gone, your tooth will remain.

#3—A Root Canal Means You Can Chew Comfortably Again

After the root canal procedure, your dentist will cap the tooth with a dental crown. This will restore its full function, and it will also blend in seamlessly with the other teeth in your mouth.

For root canals in the Lacey, WA area, contact Tranquility Dental Wellness. We can relieve your pain and restore your tooth with root canal therapy.


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