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Teeth Whitening: How to Change Your Smile in One Dental Procedure

Teeth Whitening Tacoma WA | Cosmetic Dentistry

As the holiday season draws near, there will likely be plenty of photograph opportunities that will live on forever in social media. Is your smile as white and bright as you’d like? Or do you avoid smiling or hide your smile because you don’t care for the way it looks?

Now you can dramatically change the look of your smile in just one dental procedure. Professional teeth whitening is a safe, affordable way for patients at our Tacoma, WA practice to get a youthful-looking smile just in time for the holidays.

Professional Teeth Whitening Options

We offer two ways to whiten your teeth: with one in-office procedure that usually takes about an hour in the dental chair or an at-home kit that takes a couple of weeks in the privacy of your own home. Both are effective, although, with our in-office procedure, you’ll see results immediately.

Professional Teeth Whitening Provides a Better Experience

Unlike whitening strips or gels that you can purchase over-the-counter, our whitening system is custom made just for you. Our patients report very little sensitivity afterward, which is one of the biggest complaints of those who use tooth whitening products they purchased at the local discount store.

Professional Teeth Whitening Offers Dramatic Results

There is no doubt that OTC whitening systems can remove some of the surface stains from your teeth. But for dramatic results that can eliminate stubborn stains that are years old, professional teeth whitening is your best option.

Contact Our Office for an Appointment

If you are due for a dental cleaning, it’s a great time to ask about teeth whitening. After your teeth are squeaky clean from a professional cleaning, teeth whitening works better than ever. Book an appointment at our Tacoma, WA office to find out more about teeth whitening. Make this year’s holiday photos better than ever!

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