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Teeth Whitening Tacoma WA

Teeth whitening is one of the most common cosmetic dentistry treatments we perform in our Tacoma, WA practice, and it’s no surprise. It’s an affordable, safe way to dramatically improve your smile in just one dental appointment.

The Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

The drugstore shelves are packed full of products that claim to make your smile whiter and brighter. The truth is that while some of the products will remove surface stains from your teeth, none is as effective as professional teeth whitening. Often these OTC products take weeks before you see even a small change in your smile, and frequently they are used incorrectly, so patients feel gum and teeth sensitivity afterward.

With professional teeth whitening: 

  • Treatment is customized to your smile goals, so you get the precise whitening you desire.
  • Because we take special care to protect your gums and other soft tissues of the mouth, you’ll enjoy more comfortable results.
  • Results are quicker and more reliable. You can spend an hour or so in our office and leave with teeth that are many shades whiter than when you walked in.
  • At the dentist office, our whitening gels are stronger, so they will remove more than just surface stains.

How a Whiter Smile Can Improve Your Life

A whiter smile can make your self-confidence soar. Having a whiter, brighter smile means you will show it off more. People tend to be drawn to those who have a beautiful smile—and who show it often. Research indicates that people with a white smile are more successful professionally and financially.

What are you waiting for? This safe, simple, affordable procedure can improve your smile—and your life! We offer in-office treatments as well as take-home kits you can use at your own discretion. We welcome Tacoma, WA area residents to contact Tranquility Dental Wellness to learn more about teeth whitening.

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