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What should I avoid eating when I have a dental crown?

People Eating | Dental Crowns Tacoma WAIf you get a dental crown to restore a damaged tooth, you need to be careful about what you eat—particularly when you are fitted with a temporary crown. The temporary crown will only be on your tooth for a couple of weeks, but if you don’t want it to fall off, you need to be careful. After your permanent crown is placed, it’s a good idea to take the same precautions as you would with a temporary for a couple of weeks until your permanent crown “sets.”

Here are some foods and drinks to avoid:

  • Nuts. Although they are healthy, nuts can wreak havoc on a temporary or new crown because they are so hard.
  • Raw, crunchy vegetables. No one is telling you not to eat your vegetables, but while you are in a state of transition with your crown, it’s best to cook them before eating to protect your crown.
  • Sticky foods. Caramel and candy must be avoided—and because they are so high in sugar, it’s not a bad idea to avoid them, even after your permanent crown has been in place for several weeks.
  • Gum. Chewing gum while you have a temporary crown can cause it to pop right off, leading to some discomfort as well as an extra trip to the dentist’s office. Wait until your permanent crown has been in place for a while before resuming this habit.

Keep in mind that your crown might be sensitive to cold or heat in the days following the procedure. If this doesn’t go away on its own, contact our Lacey, WA practice, and we can help you determine if your dental crown needs to be adjusted. 

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