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How do I take care of my dental bridge?

A dental bridge is a good tooth replacement option if you have one or more missing teeth. The bridge is bonded to nearby existing teeth and creates a natural looking smile. Woman | Dental bridge Maintenance
If you recently invested in a dental bridge in Tacoma, WA, the next step is caring for it so you can enjoy your new smile for many years. Immediately following the procedure, you may experience a small period of adjustment. The bridge should feel normal; however, the new shape may take some time to get used to. 

What can I eat with my dental bridge? 

At Tranquility Dental Wellness Center, we recommend eating soft foods if the tissue or teeth are sensitive to heat, cold, or pressure from harder foods. Over time, these factors should start feeling normal again. 

Maintenance for Bridges

In order to extend the life of your dental bridge, it’s important to brush and floss regularly. Your dentist will demonstrate the proper method of flossing so that cleaning is easy. 
On top of regular at-home maintenance, you’ll also need to schedule regular oral cleanings with your dentist. If any dental issues surface, contact your Tacoma, WA immediately for an oral examination. 

With proper and regular care, your dental bridge will last 10 years or more. 

If you recently had a dental bridge procedure, or are considering it as a tooth replacement option, contact Tranquility Dental Wellness Center today to answer any questions you may have. 


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