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What are some common childhood dental procedures?

Children's Dentist Tumwater WAAs your child grows, his or her dental needs will continually change. As you can imagine, a two-year-old with a few baby teeth will have very different needs from an eight-year-old with several permanent teeth having erupted.

Our Children’s Dentistry Recommendations:

  • Preventive examinations and cleanings. It’s crucial to bring kids in for regular exams and cleanings every six months. This enables us to make sure your child’s oral care is progressing as it should. We can also identify potential problems early on.
  • Digital x-rays. Because not everything is visible to the naked eye during a dental examination, we recommend periodic dental x-rays to let your dentist see what is happening below the surface.
  • Tooth-colored fillings. Although some might question filling cavities in baby teeth since they will be lost anyway, it’s important to protect the primary teeth. They help to make the way for adult teeth.
  • Fluoride and sealants. Preventive care is key when it comes to children’s dentistry at our Tacoma dental office, and fluoride treatment and dental sealants can help keep tooth decay from forming on teeth.

Building Healthy Habits

We will also work with you closely to ensure you can help your little one brush and floss properly—particularly before they are old enough to have the dexterity to do it properly themselves. We look forward to providing your children with excellent dental care to set them on the path for a lifetime of healthy smiles.

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