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How can I prepare my child for their first dental visit?

Our dental team knows how to provide children’s dentistry in Tacoma that will help ensure your kids develop a positive, healthy attitude about visiting the dentist for checkups and cleanings. We will speak to your child using age-appropriate language, and we will never do anything he or she isn’t ready for. We want your children to enjoy their time with us!

Three tips to get your little one ready for that first spin in the dental chair:

  1. Keep it simple by talking to kids about the dentist in a general, positive way. Avoid details like “drilling” or “shots,” which can cause undue fears to arise in kids.
  2. Keep it positive by never speaking about the dentist in a negative way in front of your kids. (You might want to avoid that talk altogether; little ears pick up things even when you think they are not listening!)
  3. Make it fun by picking up a book or watching a video about going to the dentist. There are plenty available online and at the library. You can also play "pretend dentist" by letting your child examine your teeth to help put a positive spin on a dental examination.

Have your child’s first teeth begun to erupt? Then it’s time to give our Tacoma dental office a call to find out more about children’s dentistry for your kids.

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