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Is over-the-counter teeth whitening safe?

Teeth Whitening Tumwater WAOver-the-counter teeth whitening products are not necessarily unsafe but they are not very effective either. Americans spend millions of dollars on whitening strips, gels, toothpastes, and rinses, only to find their teeth aren’t any whiter than when they started using the products. The whitening agents used in over-the-counter products are not as concentrated as what you get when you opt for professional whitening, so they simply don’t work as well.

Problems associated with over-the-counter tooth whitening products:

  • Many people experience increased gum and teeth sensitivity because often the products are not used properly.
  • Some people see uneven results because many people don’t realize that dental restorations, such as crowns, are immune from the whitening agent.
  • Darkly stained teeth, particularly those stained from the use of the antibiotic tetracycline, are difficult to bleach and should only done under a dentist’s care.
  •  Whitening toothpastes contain abrasives that can initially remove surface stains but can ultimately damage the tooth enamel through continued use.

The best way to achieve optimal results with teeth whitening is to go the professional route. If you are in the Tumwater, WA area, contact Tranquility Dental Wellness to find out more about teeth whitening.

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